Board of Trustees

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Approved: November 16, 2001
Section IV: Students
Subsection: J. Intercollegiate Athletics Policy

An intercollegiate athletics program is an important and worthwhile activity. A properly administered program can make a significant contribution to the quality of campus and student life.

The primary responsibility for management of an intercollegiate athletics program rests with the President. The President's exercise of that responsibility is subject to applicable law and Board policies, including the following:

  1. The President shall inform the Board in advance of any action or proposal which significantly affects the intercollegiate athletics program, including proposals to change conferences, athletic associations or divisions, or to add or drop sports.
  2. State appropriations may be used to support the intercollegiate athletics program. but no more than 1.5 percent of the university's annual state appropriation may be expended for intercollegiate athletics. The University will advise the Board at the next scheduled Board meeting when expenditures exceed the 1.5 percent limit.
  3. Student athletic fees may be used to support the intercollegiate athletics program, but increases in such fees should normally not exceed the projected rate of inflation for the year in which the increase is to take effect. Proposals to increase student athletic fees should not be presented for Board approval without prior consultation with appropriate student advisory bodies.
  4. Every effort should be made to minimize reliance on state appropriations and student fees as revenue sources for intercollegiate athletics.
  5. The President shall prepare an annual report for the Board on intercollegiate athletics which shall include appropriate financial and program information.