Board of Trustees

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Approved: November 16, 2001
Section VI. Physical Facilities
Subsection: F. Motor Vehicle and Bicycle Regulatory Policies

The University shall develop policies concerning the registration and use of motorized vehicles on University property and may develop policies concerning the registration and use of bicycles on University property. The policies and any changes shall become effective when approved by the President.

The policies shall include the following provisions and such other provisions as are necessary and appropriate:

  1. Regulations which govern the use of vehicles on University property in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, which preserve the safety and protect the property of both individuals and the University, and which provide for enforcement by authorized University personnel.
  2. Sanctions to be imposed for violations, with an appropriate appeal process for those sanctions.
  3. Registration and parking regulations with fees, which shall stipulate that such fees shall be devoted to defraying costs associated with registration and parking activities.