Board of Trustees

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Approved: November 16, 2001
Section III: Academic Affairs
Subsection: C. Degrees

  1. Earned Degrees
    1. The University shall develop requirements for earned degrees. The requirements and any changes shall become effective when approved by the President.
    2. Earned degrees shall be conferred by the University pursuant to the authority vested in the Board upon satisfactory completion of all degree requirements and recommendation to the President by the faculty. At the discretion of the President, and upon satisfactory completion of all degree requirements, students may receive their degrees prior to scheduled commencement exercises.
  2. Honorary Degrees
    1. Criteria
      Honorary degrees may be awarded by the Board to persons who have achieved a record of major distinction at the state or national level in such areas as education, public service, research, humanities, business, or the professions. In exceptional circumstances, honorary degrees may be awarded to persons who, though they have not achieved national or statewide recognition, have made an especially outstanding and significant contribution to the University or higher education.
    2. Procedure
      Honorary degrees may be awarded only by approval of the Board upon the recommendation of the President. The President shall establish a representative committee, composed of faculty and academic staff, which shall recommend to the President proposed honorary degree recipients selected from nominations by the faculty, students, staff, and alumni. Unless an exception is approved by the President, Board approval of candidates must be obtained at least two months prior to the award of the degree and not more than two honorary degrees may be awarded by the University each year.
    3. Limitations
      Elected or appointed public officials in state or local government, members and employees of the Board, and members and employees of the Board of Higher Education are ineligible for award of an honorary degree during their term of office or employment.