Digital Map Collections

Many major map collections have digitized historical maps from their collections. The maps in these digital map collections can be used to study historical events, learn about an area during a particular time period or find a place that may have changed its name. The following digital map collection can be accessed to find digital maps from a wide variety of time periods.

Library of Congress, American Memory Map Collections - A collection of maps from the Library of Congress' American Memory project. The maps in this collection primarily relate to United States history, but it also includes maps for other areas of the World.

David Rumsey Collection - A collection of historical digital maps from a wide variety of sources, including atlases, globes and single sheet maps.

Old Maps Online - a portal that can be used to search for digital historical maps in several different collections, including the David Rumsey Collection, British Library Map Library, Moravian Library and the National Library of Scotland. Users can search for historical maps in all of these collections through a geographical search engine or by entering a place name.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - The Perry-Castañeda Library's collection of online maps contains images of maps published by the Central Intelligence Agency as well as links to maps on current topics. e website of the host institution.

British Library Scanned Map Collections - a web site with scanned maps from the British Library collection and links to other digital map collections dealing with the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.

Library and Archives Canada ArchiviaNet: Maps, Plans and Charts - a collection of over 4000 maps of Canada that have been digitized by Library & Achives Canada.