Provost & Academic Vice President

2015-16 Academic Affairs Goals

  1. Enhanced Culture for Teaching and Learning
    1. Maintain rigor and high academic standards
    2. Quad Cities Riverfront campus
    3. Continued support for the enhanced scholarship model
    4. Continued focus on the expanded scope of the Centennial Honors College
    5. Increase focus on internships and service learning opportunities
    6. Support undergraduate and graduate research opportunities
    7. Continued support for special programs for women in the sciences and government
    8. Support scholarly/professional activity for faculty
  2. Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability
    1. Identify further costs savings to meet challenges in the FY17 budget
    2. Identify alternative funding sources
    3. Develop college priorities in fundraising
  3. Enhance Academic Affairs Role in Enrollment Management and Student Success
    1. Review undergraduate, graduate, and international recruitment plans for each department/school
    2. Continue to expand Distance Learning opportunities
    3. Provide opportunities for non-degree seeking students
    4. Maintain participation in the Building Connections mentoring program
    5. Review effectiveness of the revised FYE program
    6. Review effectiveness of enhanced campus-wide advising procedures
    7. Enhance access, equity, and multicultural initiatives for entire campus community
  4. Focus on International Recruiting and Education Opportunities
    1. Continue to increase the number of international students
    2. Increase number of study abroad participation and opportunities
    3. Develop academic partnerships with international institutions of higher learning
    4. Strengthen relationships with embassies and host countries
  5. Facilities Enhancement and Technology Support
    1. Support for the Center for Performing Arts
    2. Renewed funding for classroom renovation
    3. Support major capital budget initiatives
    4. Continue to facilitate the University Technology consolidation and support uTech initiatives