WIU's Summer Science Experience (Grade 9 - 12)

WIU's Summer Science Experience is a unique summer camp opportunity for 9th -12th graders with an interest in science who want to explore careers in various scientific fields. NEW for the summer of 2020, Associate Professor of Science Education Sebastian Szyjka will introduce campers to the world of rockets!

This week-long program provides hands-on scientific activities in a variety of disciplines. Including biology, chemistry, geology/paleontology, mathematics, neuroscience, geography/meteorology, nursing, and physics/astronomy. The camp, emphasizes the collaborative nature of the sciences in today’s technology-oriented world. Instructors are highly-experienced scientists, mathematicians, and nurses. This program truly brings science to life through the hands of participants. 

Location  The program takes place on the WIU-Macomb campus with a commuter or residential option. Classes are held both on and off campus and meet Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Residential Camper Check-In takes place Sunday from 3-5 pm. Commuter Camper Drop-Off takes place Monday beginning at 7:45 am. Commuter Camper Pick-Up takes place daily at 4:30 p.m.
Dates July 5-10, 2020
Included in the program
  • Rockets: New for the summer of 2020!
  • Physics: Learn to measure gravitational waves, acceleration due to gravity, electrical characteristics of metals. Includes discussions about astronomy and an astronomy viewing session.
  • Chemistry: Conduct forensic chemistry experiments and study the properties of matter.
  • Neuroscience: Study neuroanatomy and how brain activity relates to behavior. Learn how to train a rat and view brain tissue under a microscope.
  • Mathematics: Modeling, Simulation and Statistics in Scientific Research.
  • Meteorology: Study how pressure affects weather and learn computer modeling to visualize storm system data in 3-dimensions.
  • Geology: Learn about rocks, minerals, fossils and the geology of Illinois. Includes a field trip to the Mississippi River valley and an overnight stay at WIU’s Kibbe Field Station.
  • Mathematics: Modeling, Simulation and Statistics in Scientific Research.
  • Anthropology: Visit to an archaeological dig site.
  • Biology: Spend a night at the Kibbe Field Research Station after having studied fish in the Mississippi River using electroshocking techniques.
Participation Criteria Completion of at least one year of high school is required of all participants. Participants should have sufficient curiosity, motivation, achievement level, and maturity to benefit from the program. Enrollment is limited to 18 students, so please register early.



Enrollment is limited to 24 students who are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. The full $365 commuter and $460 residential registration fees includes all program costs. Registration forms, with payment information, can be completed online at www.wiu.edu/summeryouth, mailed to Study Abroad and Outreach, Horrabin Hall 8, Western Illinois University, 1 University Circle, Macomb, Il 61455, or faxed to (309) 298-2226. Checks are to be made payable to Western Illinois University.

Refund Policy:

WIU reserves the right to withdraw a program because of unforeseen circumstances or insufficient enrollment. If a program is withdrawn, participants will be notified and fees will be refunded. A $50 fee will be charged to participants who cancel two weeks prior to the start of the program. No refunds will be made to participants who cancel one week prior to the start of the program.  


Participants are housed at WIU's Corbin Olson Residence Hall. They will participate in both outdoor and indoor extracurricular activities. Students are supervised by faculty and carefully-selected resident counselors to ensure a safe and enjoyable time on the Western campus.

Medical/ADA Compliance:

Students do not qualify for University health care. Parents should check family insurance policies for health and accident coverage. Western Illinois University is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Please let Study Abroad and Outreach staff know how we can accommodate any special needs students may have at least two weeks prior to the program start date.

Western Illinois University is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity employer with a strong commitment to diversity. In that spirit, we are particularly interested in receiving applications from a broad spectrum of people, including, but not limited to, minorities, women and individuals with disabilities. WIU has a non-discrimination policy that includes discrimination based on an individual’s membership in the following classes: sex, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, age, marital status, national origin, disability, genetic information, veteran status, and any other classes protected by state or federal law.


Cost Commuter Cost: $365
Residential Cost: $460
Register before March 13, 2020 & receive a 10% Early Bird Discount off the commuter or residential registration cost. Registration includes all program costs. Payment Plan and Scholarship information is available by contacting our office. Parents who wish to use a Payment Plan must pay a $100 deposit at the time of registration in order to hold a program spot. Full payment is due one week prior to the start of the program.
Payment Plan & Scholarship Information

To take part in the payment plan, please send a $100 deposit at the time of registration. Full payment is due one week prior to the start of the program.

Further Information: To inquire about the partial scholarships, need-based assistance, or payment plan options, please contact the Office of Study Abroad and Outreach at (309) 298-1911.

College of Arts and Science Sponsorships
Available for campers wanting to attend “WIU's Summer Science Experience” and “Girls Plus Math”. Registrants are expected cover at least $100 of the full registration fee. To apply, please complete a SAO Application and submit via email to Sally Adams at sa-adams2@wiu.edu or mail to Office of Study Abroad and Outreach, 1 University Circle, Horrabin Hall 8, Macomb, IL 61455.

NSF Astrophysics Research Grant Scholarships
The WIU Astrophysics Research Laboratory and the Physics Department, with generous support from the National Science Foundation, is pleased to offer two scholarships for students to attend the WIU Summer Science Experience Camp. Preference will be given to:
- Students who want to become scientists, engineers, or want to work in a medical field.
- Students who need economic support to participate.
- Women, underrepresented minorities, or students who will be first in their families to attend college.
Application requires consent of parent/guardian, and endorsement from a teacher. Scholarship applications will receive full consideration if submitted by May 10th. Scholarship applications will be accepted until June 23rd.

Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/elTjogHR5jBZhen52

Deadline Two weeks prior to the start of camp. 


Brian Bellot

  • Brian Bellot
  • Assistant Professor,Chemistry
  • Western Illinois University

Heather McIlvaine

  • Liguo Song
  • Assistant Professor Chemistry
  • Western Illinois University


  • Victoria Baramidze
  • Professor, Mathematics and Philosophy
  • Western Illinois University


  • Andrea Alveshere
  • Assistant Professor,Anthropology
  • Western Illinois University


  • P.K.Babu
  • Associate Professor, Physics
  • Western Illinois University


  • Saisudha B.Mallur
  • Associate Professor, Physics
  • Western Illinois University


  • Kishor T.Kapale
  • Professor, Physics
  • Western Illinois University


  • Esteban D.Araya 
  • Associate Professor, Physics
  • Western Illinois University

Aparna Kapale

  • Aparna Kapale
  • Instructor, Physics
  • Western Illinois University

Sean Jenkins

  • Sean Jenkins
  • Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Western Illinois University

Sean Jenkins

  • Matt Blankenship
  • Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Western Illinois University

Tom Hegna

  • Kyle Mayborn
  • Assistant Professor, Geology
  • Western Illinois University

Marcus Büker

  • Marcus Büker
  • Associate Professor, Meteorology
  • Western Illinois University

Keisuke Nozaki

  • Keisuke Nozaki
  • GIS Specialist,
  • Western Illinois University

Redina Finch

  • Redina Finch
  • Professor, Meteorology
  • Western Illinois University

Chad Sperry

  • Chad Sperry
  • GIS Specialist
  • Western Illinois University


  • Renee Büker
  • GIS Specialist
  • Western Illinois University


  • Lindsay White MSN, RN
  • Faculty,
  • Nursing
  • Western Illinois University


  • Jeff Engel
  • Associate Professor,
  • Biology
  • Western Illinois University


  • Sebastian Szyjka
  • Associate Professor,
  • Science Education
  • Western Illinois University



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Sally Adams
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Horrabin Room 8

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