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SAO HomePage Study Abroad provides students with countless opportunities to take their studies all around the globe. Students have the possibility to study in over 60 countries, regardless of their major or minor course of study. It allows students to complement and enhance their classroom instruction by experiencing the culture and language of a host country. Through the Office of Study Abroad and Outreach, students can participate in a wide variety of educational programs located in more than 60 countries worldwide.

There are many programs that take place over Spring and Winter breaks or in the Summer, or students may choose to participate in semester- or year-long programs.

Many Study Abroad programs are comparable in cost to studying on WIU's Illinois campuses, and financial aid and scholarpshis are available to qualified students.



  • Record a 45-90 sec video on “what inspires you to study abroad” and win $1000 dollars scholarship for studying abroad!!
  • Please read rules and regulations before enrolling.
  • Extended Deadline - December 9th.



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