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Study Abroad provides students with countless opportunities to take their studies all around the globe. Students can study in over 60 countries, regardless of their major or minor course of study. Many Study Abroad programs are comparable in cost to studying on WIU's campuses. Financial aid and scholarships are available to qualified students.

Machu Picchu Peru

Economics of Developing Countries - Peru

Immerse yourself in Peruvian culture while focusing on the various cultural, social, and political institutions that shape the country's economy.

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Programs Abroad

Studying abroad is affordable!!

Learn about various Scholarships and grants available for studying abroad. 

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Global Ambassadors

Students traveling abroad have many experiences to share with friends and peers. They are the best possible AMBASSADORS to speak for the benefits of studying abroad and the strategies that made those trips possible.

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Select a Faculty-led program

As short as a week to as long as three months, WIU Faculty-led programs offer flexibility and international experiences in cases where it's difficult to be abroad for an entire semester.

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Find a program according to your Major


Internships Abroad

Gain experience by doing an internship in Ecuador or in Puerto Rico. The best way to learn is by implementing what you discuss in class. SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE.

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Community Expeditions

WIU Community Expeditions

WIU initiatiative for community adventures
Programs Abroad

Bringing International Perspectives to Campus

Interim Chair for the Department of Engineering Technology at WIU. A strong supporter for the inclusion of International Education Perspectives in our curriculum for several years.

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Programs Abroad

Birmingham City University

Birmingham is the youngest major city in Europe with world-class restaurants, entertainment and shops. Chances are, this university offers courses in YOUR major!

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Lead a Program

Lead a Faculty Program

Make your choice depending on your academic interests, time availability and own personal dreams.

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Students Testimonial

Jasmine Brown, senior WIU student athlete & Study Abroad alumni, video highlights her Summer 2017 program in Spain & countries she visited. Jasmine will be going to Chile this summer. 

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