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As Faculty and Staff, you play a significant role in the promotion of Study Abroad on campus. Through your involvement you foster curiosity about the world and encourage your students to embark on broader academic initiatives.

Many students who go abroad do so in response to the encouragement you provide. For examples of what you can do check Programs.

Benefits of leading a program
  • You get the opportunity to develop experiential learning exercises that engage the students in the host culture.
  • You expand your global and academic networks
  • Students emerge from a study abroad program with a new outlook on themselves and the rest of the world.

Responsibilities of a Leader Abroad

Academic: overseeing the academic portion of the program

Grading: submitting the grades for participating students, including any grade changes, on University grading forms that should be returned directly to the Office of the Registrar

Financial: disbursing funds, if necessary, during the program and accounting for such expenses upon return.

Societal: serving as a leader capable of addressing social and cultural problems that happen beyond the classroom boundaries.   

How to get started

  • Work on an idea that complements your discipline and academic interests.
  • Select a country or part of the world with which you are familiar
  • Think that success will depend on making students enthusiastic about the program. In other words, try to imagine a project that will make students curious and excited.

Begin writing the proposal

Please make sure to review the instructions prior to completing the forms. Please visit our  Faculty Directed Programs brochure page  for more information.             

The main goal of the documents for submission seek to help you imagine how this experience abroad will contribute to the learning of your students in a diverse environment.   

 Proposal Submission Deadlines

An adequate period of time must be allotted for planning, student recruitment, and other necessary program elements in order to execute a successful program. In order to provide you with the highest level of service, we must receive completed program proposals by the following deadlines: 




London: The City Experience
Morgan 302, 3:00 pm


International Health Care Systems, Ireland
Tillman 208, 11:00 am

OCT 26

Art in New York City
Garwood 10, 5:00 pm



Art in New York City
Garwood 10, 5:30 pm 


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