Financial Aid

Financial Aid Handbook & Policies

Federal Work-Study / Regular Student Employment

Student Employment

All new student employees working on campus must complete an I-9 form with the hiring department. Student employees are encouraged to have earnings deposited directly to their personal bank account. Tax forms and direct deposit forms may be completed in the Payroll Office, Sherman Hall 221. Please contact the Payroll Office if you have questions concerning direct deposit. Wages earned through campus employment are paid on the first and the sixteenth of each month.

Student Employment job listings, including work opportunities in the surrounding community, are posted on the Student Employment web page and on the Student Employment bulletin board located outside of Sherman Hall 127. Job listings for the Fall semester will be posted August 1 (or Monday if August 1 falls on a weekend). Job listings are updated every weekday morning as requests are received from employers.

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Will be included on your award letter if you are eligible and funds are available. A FWS award is an estimate of projected earnings available to you. Eligibility is based on your financial eligibility, cost of attendance, the date you filed your FAFSA and the availability of funds. In addition, the same requirements under regular student employment also apply to FWS. WIU offers a variety of FWS positions, including community service. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions.

Regular Student Employment (RSE)

To be eligible to work on campus during the regular academic year, a student must be enrolled for six (6) or more semester hours of credit per term. In order to maintain their status in the United States, international students must be enrolled full-time (12 hrs. for undergraduate students or 9 hrs. for graduate students) unless otherwise cleared by the International Student Advisor/U.S. Immigration for less than full-time enrollment. Audit classes do not count.