Student Employment

Student Employee Wage Levels

The hourly rate for a Federal Work Study student is always the State minimum wage at the time of hiring. All students begin regular student employment at the minimum wage rate of $14.00 per hour ($15.00 per hour effective January 1, 2025) unless the job classification has an associated job classification pay increase.

The following approved job classifications require special skills and/or licenses and have an associated job classification pay increase. When the employment of a position with a job classification increase ends, the increase amount will not continue to a new student employment job that does not have an approved increase.

Approved job classification increases are as follows:

Job Classification

Increased Amount

Engagement Center Manager


Graphic Design Assistant


Lead Facility Monitor


Lead Lifeguard




Research Assistant


Specialized Tutor


Student Patrol


Teaching Assistant

based on specialization

UTech Computer Lab Lead


Website Assistant


Maximum Hours

Student employees are limited to 20 hours per week (Monday through Sunday) during fall and spring semesters. Student employees are limited to 28 hours per week (Monday through Sunday) during summer and breaks. During summer sessions, student employees may work 28 hours per week if enrolled 5 or less semester hours during the current summer session. If they are taking 6 or more semester hours they are limited to 20 hrs work per week during a current summer session. No supervisor shall require students to work when they are scheduled for classes or examinations. It is the responsibility of the student employees and supervisors to monitor the student’s work hours to stay within these guidelines.


A student employee is entitled to a 15 minute break (with pay) if working all morning (8-12) or afternoon (1-4:30). Paid breaks are also permitted if the student works 4 straight hours (for example 10 – 2). Breaks cannot be taken at the end of a work period.

Any student employee who works 7 ½ hours per day is required to take at least a 20 minute unpaid break after five (5) hours.

Part-time student employees who work over 20 hours must receive at least 24 consecutive hours of rest in every calendar week (Monday through Sunday) in addition to the regular period of rest allowed at the close of each working day.

University Closures

Student employees who are scheduled to work but not required to report during a University closure will not be paid for that time; however, supervisors should rearrange work schedules when possible so that the affected student employee(s) will be able to make up the work time lost. Student employees who are scheduled and required to work when the university is closed will be paid at their regular rate for the actual number of hours worked.

Limited Earnings

Student employees paid through Federal Work-Study (FWS) have a limit on their earnings. It is the responsibility of the supervisor and the student to monitor the student’s earnings to assure the limit is not exceeded. This limit will be indicated on the student’s employment authorization and the earnings should be monitored on the STEM screen. The student, supervisor, and fiscal agent will be notified by email when the student has earned 80 percent or more of the FWS award.