Student Employment


This manual is published by the Western Illinois University Human Resources Office to answer many of the questions student employees and their supervisors may have about student employment at Western.

While the information contained in this publication is in effect at the time of publication, there is always the potential for revision in policy and procedures.

Student employees at Western are an important part of the university work force. Many graduates use their student employment experiences as a work reference. Prospective employers contact supervisors for references, therefore, it is advantageous for the student to be a conscientious, dependable employee.

With approximately 1,500 Regular Student Employees and almost 175 Federal Work-Study Employees working on campus, student employees play a significant role in the day-to-day functioning of Western Illinois University. Student employees perform a wide range of duties from general office assistance to those duties requiring highly specialized training in such areas as computer programming and accounting. The wages paid to Regular Student Employees and Federal Work-Study Employees account for over 2.4 million dollars of the WIU payroll. Student employees cannot be used to displace regular, non-student employees.

If after consulting this manual you still have questions, please contact the Student Employment Division of the Human Resources Office (Sherman 105) at 309-298-1971.

Western Illinois University is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.