Switching Room Assignments & Room Change Policy

A flexible room/roommate change policy exists at WIU. During the open room change period, you may move anywhere on campus (depending on the availability of space) by contacting your residence hall clerk. 

The open room change period will begin on the tenth day of classes. You will be assessed a $25 charge for an improper room change if (1) you fail to contact your residence hall clerk before making a room change, (2) you change rooms before the open room change period, or (3) you do not move by the date indicated.

Rooms becoming vacant will be offered to those students on the Single Room Waiting List. Two students living in separate rooms may move from their separate rooms into an empty room ONLY IF the completed move results in the same number of openings for single rooms for those on the waiting list or if there is no one on the Single Room Waiting List. Roommates who wish to move into an empty room anywhere on campus may do so during the open room change period at the discretion of the Complex Director.

Room changes can be made by first talking with your Resident Assistant. Depending on the situation, the RA will refer you to the Residence Hall Clerk. The Clerk will be able to facilitate the administrative process of changing your room. Student may at anytime choose to place themselves on a single room wait list by logging into STARS. Once a room becomes available a member of the Residence Hall staff will contact you. 

 Note: Students must have a balance less than $500 on their University account to be offered a single room.

Roommate Changes

Assignments are made based on information the student has filled out on the "Lifestyle Preference Form" which includes information such as hall preference and living habit preference.

Roommate Changes – We encourage students to remain in their assigned room for the first 10 days of each semester. This allows the university to get an official count of residency and for roommate’s time to work through some initial challenges. After ten days, students may move rooms with the permission and assistance of their hall staff.

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Room Consolidation

If one occupant of a double room moves, the other occupant, at the discretion of the University, may (1) remain in double-room accommodations with a new roommate of his or her choice, (2) be assigned to another double room, or (3) be assigned another roommate by the University. This assignment could happen at any time.

Questions about room moves?

Contact your 24-hour information desk anytime or visit your hall clerk during regular business hours.