University Marketing

WIU Trademark Guidelines for Internal Use

Eligible groups

The marks and logos of Western Illinois University are registered trademarks and as such should only be utilized in conjunction with the official business of the University.

For purposes of these guidelines, "Internal" is defined as: Departments and units reporting to the university President or any one of the four vice presidential areas in the university structure.

Use of Licensed Manufacturer

All products which utilize the word marks and/or logos of Western Illinois University must be produced by a licensed manufacturer, unless a written exception is granted in advance by the Trademark Licensing Administrator. Western Illinois University has retained the collegiate trademark management firm Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) for management and administration of license agreements.

Process for Approval and Monitoring

All uses of trademarked logos and word marks must be approved. To obtain approval, submit a completed "Request for Use of Logos and Word Marks" form to the Trademark Licensing Administrator.

It is recommended that this form be submitted one month in advance of production deadline.

Royalty Exemptions

Some items which are purchased for internal use by the University are exempt from royalties. Additional exceptions may be made under certain circumstances based on information submitted in the "Request for Use of Trademark and Logos".

Design Standards

The Trademark Licensing Administrator must approve all artwork and designs prior to production. The following standards will be used in approval of designs:

  • Artwork is approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Products must display clearly identifiable "licensed marks." No hand-drawn or substitute logos will be allowed.
  • Trademarked logos can not be altered in any way.
  • Word marks and logos cannot be used with the marks of any other profit or non-profit entity (i.e. schools, conferences, institutions, individuals, corporations, etc.) unless appropriate approvals are obtained from the owners of those trademarks or copyrights.
  • No design can be associated with a company which would imply endorsement of the company's product or service.
  • Use of the University signature logo must adhere to Visual Identity Standards guidelines.
  • When used in conjunction with departmental, college, or affiliated University agency logos, trademarked logos and word marks must be most prominent.
  • Use of the University seal is restricted for use on official documents and selected executive gift products (i.e. President's stationery, name plates, letter openers, paper weights, awards, diploma frames, and items crafted of gold, silver, brass, or pewter) unless a written exception is granted by the Trademark Licensing Administrator. The seal may be used alone or with the words "Western Illinois University." No other symbols or designs may appear with or around the seal.

Product Standards

The Trademark Licensing Administrator will consider products for approval based on the following:

  • Products must be representative of high quality and good taste incorporating no subtle messages.
  • No products considered dangerous or offensive will be approved.
  • No products with an unusually high product liability risk will be approved.

Non-product Standards

  • Use of logos and word marks in printed publications must be coordinated with University Relations or Document and Publication Services.
  • Use of logos and word marks in on-campus flyers and public announcements should follow the design guidelines as set forth in the Design Standards section above. Trademark licensing approval is not necessary; however, approval must be obtained from the building or venue in which the flyers will be posted.
  • Use of logos, word marks, or pictures in advertising which portrays the University as an endorser any product or service is prohibited. This includes advertising using names and pictures of athletes in uniform and the Rocky mascot.
  • An employee may not use the University word marks or logos or their affiliation with the University in any manner which suggests or implies support or endorsement of any product, movement, activity, or program not related to the University. In circumstances where there is a potential indication of University endorsement, a disclaimer is required.
  • On-campus events which require creative expression (i.e. homecoming floats and "Paint-the-Town") are granted use of logos and word marks based on the following criteria for temporary artistic license:
    • The results of the creative venture must not have a life of more than 21 calendar days.
    • The artistic interpretation must be representative of high quality and good taste incorporating no subtle messages, or props which could be considered dangerous or offensive.