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History Minors

A minor in History is the perfect complement to any major, as it provides students with the historical context for many careers. Studying History gives you a broader perspective on the global context within which we all live and work. It helps students develop the skills in problem-solving and communication needed to succeed in today's (and tomorrow's) careers. It enables you to put your life -- and those of others -- in historical context.

History minors are eligible to participate in Undergraduate Research projects, working individually with History faculty members. They are also active in both of our student organizations, the Associated Students of History (open to all with an interest in History) and Phi Alpha Theta, the History honorary society, which welcomes minors and majors.


The history minor is available at Macomb, Quad Cities, and online. History minors take 6 History courses (18 s.h.). From ancient Rome to modern Japan, from medieval England to post-colonial Latin America, from Revolutionary America to the modern Middle East, you can travel the world and travel back through time, all without leaving WIU. Choose the upper-division courses that most appropriately suit your major, or indulge your innate fascination with the origins and development of the world in which we live.

Middle Level Social Studies Teaching

This minor is offered at the Macomb campus in conjunction with the major in Middle Level Education. By itself, this minor will not be sufficient for education endorsement purposes. Minors in Middle Level Social Studies Teaching take 5 required courses (15 s.h.), including World History to 1500 and World History since 1500. Directed electives include 3 courses (9 s.h.): two upper-division U.S. History courses and one upper-division course in European or World History.