Economics and Decision Sciences

Shankar Ghimire

Shankar Ghimire
Associate Professor of Economics
Program Director, M.S. Quantitative Economics

Stipes Hall 430J
(309) 298-1152

Ph.D. Applied Economics, Western Michigan University, 2013, Foreign Aid Effectiveness: Three Essays on Aid-for-Trade and Export Performance of Developing Countries
B.A. Community Development, Saint Cloud State University

Dr. Shankar Ghimire teaches courses in Econometrics, Development Economics, International Trade, Global Poverty, Microfinance, etc. He is also the Graduate Advisor for Quantitative Economics.

Dr. Ghimire’s research covers various aspects of applied econometrics, including foreign aid, migration, remittance, microfinance, etc. He is also interested in sports analytics. He has published in journals such as PLOS One, Managerial Finance, World Development Perspectives, Economies, Academy of Economics and Finance Journal, Journal of Development Innovations, Journal of Applied Econometrics and International Development, Economics Bulletin, etc.

Dr. Ghimire has received multiple grants to assess the impact evaluation of microfinance programs. He also leads short-term study abroad programs to Nepal and Peru.

Research Interests

Macroeconomic aspects of international economics, development economics, and applied econometrics.

Selected Research Papers

Ghimire, S., Ehrlich, J., & Sanders, S. (2020). Measuring individual worker output in a complementary team setting: Does regularized adjusted plus minus isolate individual NBA player contributions? PLOS ONE.

Ehrlich, J., Ghimire, S., Khraiche, M., & Raza, M. (2020). COVID-19 Countermeasures, Sporting Events, and the Financial Impacts to the North American Leagues. Managerial Finance.

Ehrlich, J., & Ghimire, S. (2020). COVID-19 Countermeasures, Major League Baseball, and the Home Field Advantage: Simulating the 2020 Season Using Logit Regression and   a Neural Network. F1000Research 9 (414), 414.

Kapri, K. P. & Ghimire, S. (2020). Migration, Remittance, and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from the Nepal Living Standard Survey. World Development Perspectives, 100198.

Ghimire, S., & Kapri, K. P. (2020). Does the Source of Remittance Matter? Differentiated Effects of Earned and Unearned Remittances on Agricultural Productivity. Economies, 8(1), 8.

Ghimire, S., & Tomasik, R. (2019). Globalization and the US Economy: An Analysis of Outsourcing and Labor Restructuring. Journal of Economic Insight, 45(2): 69-89.

Ghimire, S., & Paudel Sharma, N.  (2019). R&D, FDI, and Innovation: An Analysis of Patent Applications in the OECD Countries.     Journal of Development Innovations, 3(2): 1-11.

Ghimire, S., Clifford, D., & Costa, G. (2019). Do Microfinance Institutions Help with Business Expansion? Evidence from Rural Nepal. Academy of Economics and Finance Journal, 10, 15-24. 

Ghimire, S., Kapri, K., & Rahman, M.R. (2018). Imitate or Innovate? FDI, Technology,   and Income Levels in Middle Income Countries. Journal of Development Innovations, 2(1): 1-13.

Walia, B. & Ghimire, S. (2018). Rating Sport Business and Sport Human Development Journals: Transforming Standard Ratings to Capture Two-Dimensionality. Academy of Economics and Finance Papers and Proceedings, Spring 2018.

Ghimire, S., Rigatti, T., & Sexton, N. (2017). Effect of Credit Cooperative in Employment Generation: Evidence from Rural Nepal. Journal of Development Innovations, 1(1): 29-44

Ghimire, S., Mukherjee, D. and Alvi, E. (2016). Aid-for-Trade and Export Performance of Developing Countries”. Applied Econometrics and International Development, 16(1): 23-34.

Ghimire, S., Mukherjee, D. and Alvi, E. (2013). Sectoral Aid-for-Trade and Sectoral Exports: A Seemingly Unrelated Regression Analysis. Economics Bulletin. 33(4): 2744-2755.

Upper Division and Graduate Course Responsibilities

Economics 351: Global Economic Poverty Issues
Economics 420G: Economic Development
Economics 470G: International Trade
Economics 487G: Applied Econometrics
Economics 479G: Microfinance in Action **NEW Forthcoming
Economics 500: Advanced Macroeconomics
Economics 507: Advanced Econometrics
Economics 379/679: Study Abroad Courses focused on Nepal and Peru