Economics and Decision Sciences

Thomas Sadler

Thomas Sadler
Professor of Economics

Stipes Hall 430M

Ph.D. Economics, University of Tennessee
M.A. Economics, University of Missouri

B.A. Economics, Western Illinois University

Thomas R. Sadler is the author of Pandemic Economics (2022) Energy Economics: Science, Policy and Economic Applications (2020), co-editor of  Local Food Networks and Activism in the Heartland (2013), and refereed journal articles on environmental policy, high-performance organizations, carbon capture and storage, optimal taxation, vehicle emission standards, food security, and professional sports leagues. He teaches upper-level courses on Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Pandemic Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of Poverty and Discrimination, and Applied Macroeconomics. His lower-division courses include Principles of Microeconomics, The Global Economic Environment, and Introduction to Economics. He enjoys working with both graduate and undergraduate students.

Upper Division and Graduate Course Responsibilities

  • Economics 325: Applied Macroeconomics
  • Economics 350: Economics of Poverty & Discrimination
  • Economics 430G: Environmental Economics
  • Economics 440G: Labor Economics
  • Economics 465G: Economics of Energy
  • Economics 496G: Pandemic Economics
  • General Honors 302: Sustainable Food Networks
  • General Honors 302: Chicago Economy

Recent Publications:

  • Ehrlich, J. A., Ghimire, S., Sadler, T. R., & Sanders, S. D. (2023). Policy and Policy Response on the Court: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination of the Three-Point Line Extension in Basketball. Journal of Sports Economics24(2), 159–173.