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Rock & Mineral Kits

Rocks, Minerals & Gemstones Collection

Kit #7

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Vintage Rock & Mineral Collection

Kit #4

Native Rocks - Foundations of the Earth

native rocks picture kit

native rocks

Natural Gemstone Collection - Jewels in the Rough


Gemstones writeup

Polished Gemstones of the World

Polished GEMstones


Rocks, Fossils, Minerals and Gemstones of the United States

Rocks Fossils and minerals

Rocks fossils and minerals writeup

Classification of Minerals

Kit #1

Use the key below to make observations of the 50 minerals above. 

classification of minerals KEY

The Crystal Models designed by Willis T. Maas

Crystal Models

Click here to read about The Crystal Models designed by Willis T. Maas.  These wooden specimens were developed by the W.M. Welch Scientific Company in the early 1900's in Chicago Illinois. A key shows the "Brief Summary About the Twelve Crystal Models." 

Brief summary of 12 crystal models

Authentic Diamond Crystal


Vintage Rock and Mineral Collection (1960s)

antique rocks and minerals

Vintage Rock and Mineral Collection (1950s)

Kit #3

Vintage Rock and Mineral Collection (1960s)

Kit #8

vintage 8

antique rocks 2

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