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Western Rocketry Club

Founded in 2020, Western Rocketry is a student-led organization open to all undergraduate and graduate WIU students. Western Rocketry provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences in designing, building, and launching model rockets. This club promotes exciting experiences for students in all areas of study and will host regular rocket launching events that will be open to the student body, the general public, as well as members of the community and region. Western Rocketry Club is a student organization sponsored by Dr. Sebastian Szyjka (School of Education). Western Rocketry is a member of the National Association of Rocketry.

Club Roster (2023-2024)
  • Tamariah Crittendon (MEMBER)
  • Maria Montalvo (MEMBER)
  • Aurora Barnes (MEMBER)
  • Carlene Vanduyne (MEMBER)
  • Laura Watson (MEMBER)
  • Kathryn Donaldson (MEMBER)
  • Stephen Hicks (MEMBER)
  • Elisha Derry (MEMBER)
  • Dr. Sebastian Szyjka (CO-ADVISOR)
  • Dr. Greg Montalvo (CO-ADVISOR) 
  • Dr. Doug LaFountain (CO-ADVISOR)

Rocket Launch Videos  


Launch Exhibition 

The Launch Pad



Rocket Case

The Science Center rocket display above captures the essence of the "Vintage Space Era" beginning around 1959 and continuing through to about 1983. The display includes the following rockets: (1) Jupiter-C; (2) F-4 USS Constellation Fighter; (3) Space Shuttle Columbia orbiter & Space Shuttle Columbia; (4) Mercury Redstone; (5) Mercury Atlas; (6) Titan 2 ICBM (small-and-large scale); (7) X-15 Rocket Plane; (8) The Saturn V & Saturn V (mini); (9) Gemini-Titan; (10) SR-71 Blackbird; (11) Saturn 1B (Two SA-205's & SA-208); (12) Saturn SA-7;  (13) Saturn SA-5; (14) F-16 prototype (front in red, white, & blue and; (15) F-15 75th Anniversary Oregon Air National Guard (front); (16) F-104 Starfighter; (17) F-7 Sea Dart; (18) Lockheed YF-12A Blackbird; and (19) Little Joe 2. The display also houses a variety of resources that can be used in the classroom to teach students about the physics of rockets. Check back regularly for updates and new additions to the case! 

 Rocket Launches & Meeting Dates/Times

Click on any of the months below to view some pictures of Western Rocketry Club launches or build events. Additional club meetings for builds may be added prior to launch dates. 

Links to Rocketry Resources

 Western Rocketry Logos

Western Rocketry will be printing a variety of T-shirts with the club logo designed by WIU 2016 Graphic Communications Graduate Mariah Bartz.  

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