College of Education & Human Services

Yuki Hasebe

Yuki Hasebe, Ph.D.

Professor of Educational Psychology

Office: Horrabin Hall 81E
Phone: 309-298-1184

Curriculum Vitae

I completed my doctorate in Educational Psychology at University of Illinois in Chicago and my post-doctoral fellowship at University of California, Berkeley. My research includes the examination of moral development that looks at people's views on unprovoked harm and welfare in comparison to social conventions and a line of virtuous characters. I examine these aspects cross-nationally (US-Japan) and from various social-interpersonal relationships such as parental overcontrol and peer bullying and victimization. Currently, I am examining people's moral reasoning in Japan and writing a position paper that combines Moral Psychology and religion. I apply theories of cognitive constructivism in my teaching. My publications are in Journal of Child Development and Journal of Aggressive Behaviors.