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Currently, Illinois and many other states are requiring ESL and Bilingual endorsements to teach in multilingual classrooms.

The ESL endorsement suits a variety of teaching backgrounds which range from Pre-kindergarten to High School. The endorsement can be obtained by pre-service as well as in-service teachers. It is not a requirement to be bilingual to complete the ESL endorsement.

The Educational Studies Department at Western Illinois University offers the following required ESL endorsement courses:

EDS 427 G - Foundations of Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations: 3 s.h.

(3) An introduction to the historical, political, social, and educational issues that have contributed to policy regarding public school services for language minority populations. Clinical experience of 15 hours required.

EDS 435 G - Cultural Studies of Second Language Learners in the Classroom: 3 s.h.

(3) The study of historical and contemporary social and cultural issues affecting selected ethnic groups, with particular emphasis on the impact of culture, learning, and schooling on second language learners in U.S. schools. Clinical experience—15 hours required.

EDS 440 G - Sociolinguistics: 3 s.h.

(3) Exploration of foundational work in the field of sociolinguistics and current issues in the field. This course will emphasize the culture language interface at the level of social relationships with special emphasis on educational settings. Prerequisite: ANTH 110 or EDS 302 or equivalent.

EDS 457 G - Methods and Materials of Teaching ESL: 3 s.h.

(3) Analysis of language learning processes of bilingual children. The appropriate order for learning basic skills in two languages will be discussed and techniques of teaching English as a second language will be introduced and practiced. Clinical experience—15 hours required. A grade of C or higher must be earned for teacher certification.

EDS 458 G - Linguistics for the Teacher of English Language Learners: 3 s.h.

(3) The study of linguistics applied to teaching limited-English-speaking students. Includes English and non-English phonology, syntax, analysis, and application of linguistic theory. Clinical experience—20 hours required.

EDS 453 G - Assessment of Bilingual and ESL Students: 3 s.h.

(3) Selection, administration, and interpretation of measurement instruments. Description of testing: multicultural, bilingual, ESL, language competency tests; language proficiency/achievement testing; linguistic/ cultural aspects of intelligence testing; assessment in classroom. Clinical experience of 20 hours required.

For more information on ESL Endorsements and requirements, please visit the ISBE- Multilingual Teacher Resources.