College of Education & Human Services

Master of Science in Education

Expectations of Graduate Students

We are delighted that you have chosen to pursue graduate studies in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Western Illinois University. It is our wish that the program will deepen your understanding of elementary education and enhance your professional teaching career. We are proud of our program, its rigor and its relevance to education in the 21st century. To ensure your successful progress towards completing this advanced degree, the graduate faculty has developed the following expectations.

            Graduate students entering the program must carefully consider whether family and professional obligations allow for the
            time needed for coursework and  study.

Adherence to Established Procedures

            Communicate with the graduate advisor.
            Become familiar with the department website and that of the School of Graduate Studies.
            Understand program requirements and registration procedures (STARS).
            Request special permissions for courses, where needed, in a timely manner.
            Apply to graduate when appropriate.

Commitment to Learning
            Attend class regularly, arriving promptly.
            Acquire course materials and bring them to class.
            Complete required readings and assignments according to the course schedule and the syllabus.
            Actively participate in class discussions and activities.
            Submit coursework as requested.
            Respect the work of others and avoid plagiarism.

Effective Communication
            Display a positive manner.
            Show consideration for others.
            Use professional and courteous language.
            Demonstrate effective oral and written language in presentations and assignments.
            Demonstrate proficiency in using the preferred manuscript style (APA).

I understand the expectations of this program.




Please sign this document, print, and return it via U.S. Mail to: Dr. Sebastian Szyjka, C&I Graduate Coordinator,  Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Horrabin Hall 40, Western Illinois University, 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455. You may also scan and e-mail a signed copy as a PDF attachment to Dr. Sebastian Szyjka at or fax it to (847) 388-4717. 
Please keep a copy for your records.