WIU Orchestra String Auditions | Spring 2024


  • The Spring 2024 WIU Orchestra String Auditions will be held through audio recording submissions.
  • The due date for all submissions is Sunday, January 14, 2024.
  • All string players (new and returning) must submit their audition using the Audition Form.

Recording Instructions

  • Please record only audio.
  • Record all of the bracketed excerpts for both Brahms' Haydn Variations and Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 in order.
  • All recordings must be done in a single take.
  • Please do not speak in the recording to preserve anonymity.

Repertoire Requirements

  • All music majors:

  • Non-majors:

    • Please record 1-2 pieces of your choice OR prepare the required music-major excerpts
    • Contact Dr. Kenny Lee, Director of Orchestral Activities (K-Lee6@wiu.edu) for any questions.

Preparation Guide

  • Read carefully through the excerpt list. Listen to recordings of each work. Make observations in your listening such as tempo, the characters/moods of each excerpt as well as the entire movement, phrasing ideas, the accompanying instruments, the passage's difficulties, and the overall effectiveness of the recorded performance.
  • Play with a recording, if desired.
  • Record yourself and listen back to hear yourself objectively (as if you were on the audition committee)