Approved Policies

Appeals to March in an Earlier Commencement Ceremony (Undergraduates Only)

Undergraduate students who anticipate completing all degree requirements (including student teaching and internships) at the end of the spring or summer term are eligible to march in the May ceremony. Students who anticipate completing all degree requirements (including student teaching and internships) at the end of the fall semester are eligible to attend the December ceremony.

Under extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from attending the ceremony for which they are eligible, a student may appeal to the commencement committee to march in an earlier ceremony. However, completing a student teaching assignment or serving an internship out of town/state is not considered an extenuating circumstance in and of itself. A student appealing to march in an earlier ceremony must document why returning to Macomb or the Quad Cities for commencement would present a conflict or hardship.

Per University procedure students who receive approval to march in an earlier ceremony due to extenuating circumstances will be recognized for academic distinction and other accolades only during the term in which they are eligible to graduate.

Appeals letters and supporting documentation can be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

ROTC Commissioned Officers & Military Rank Announcement

ROTC officers may have their military rank added to their name cards and read as they cross the stage. Students need to write and highlight their rank on their name card, just above their name. Highlighters and pens will be available at the name card counter.

Standard Operating Procedures for Medical Emergencies

All ceremonies are staffed by Western Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel. Western EMS is a non-transport Basic Life Support Service. The athletic training room, located on the south side of Western Hall, serves as a public first-aid station. EMS personnel are present in the first aid station and throughout Western Hall at all times during the ceremonies. Appropriate signage is posted leading to the first aid station.

Two wheelchairs are available in Western Hall for medical emergencies: one is located near the Information Center in the East Arena and the other is available near the main entrance. Wheelchairs are for use inside Western Hall only and may not be taken outdoors.   

In the event of a medical emergency, commencement officials will immediately contact the Provost. Officials will coordinate with the Provost to assess whether to delay the start of, or continue with, the ceremony. However, every effort will be made to proceed with the ceremony as scheduled.