Facilities Management

Beu Facility Enhancement Phase II

WIU Project Manager Mark Blaylock
Project Scope Upgrades to Beu 
Total Project Cost Approximately $186,000 
Completion Date August 15, 2015

Project Description

All of the work being done at Beu is being done in-house. This project was needed to update an area of Beu that had not had anything done to it in several years. The department was looking to give the students more privacy. Items included in this project include:
- Painting walls throughout building.
- Addressing privacy at the front desk. Going from a wide open check-in counter to 2 private windows.
- Update counter tops that had last been done 15+ years ago.
- Check-in kiosks were constructed for more privacy.
- Blood lab in basement updated to provide newer updated surfaces.
- Blood lab was increased in size to provide more space.


This project is currently underway.


Newly remodeled lobby