Facilities Management

Funding Capacity

Facilities Management receives state funding for general maintenance, repair, and cleaning of State owned facilities and grounds. Facilities Management also receives capital renewal funding for periodic replacement of physical assets such as roofs, elevators, and mechanical and electrical infrastructure. The imbalance between funding levels and the actual needs of aged facilities is a universal problem among public universities that is often referred to as Deferred Maintenance.

As a result of the Deferred Maintenance liability and a large capital renewal backlog, Facilities Management is unable to fund some types of departmental requests. As a general rule, Facilities Management is only able to fund maintenance and repair activities that restore a building system to its original condition or original productive capacity. An upgrade in condition or capacity of a building system generally requires supplemental funding from sources other than Facilities Management. For more information on Facilities Management versus departmental funding issues, please consult the WIU Administrative Procedures manual or contact Facilities Management directly.