Facilities Management

Construction or Modification Project Work Requests

Departments may submit work requests for project estimates and construction modification needs. Facilities Management will provide cost estimates and proposed schedules on all project work requests. Invoices based on work progress may be billed monthly or once at project completion, depending on the length of construction activities. Work may be accomplished as determined by Facilities Management with in-house trades personnel and/or Contractors as deemed necessary to meet funding constraints, resource allocation needs, time constraints and other related conditions.

Over 44,000 individual maintenance and project service orders are performed each year by Facilities Management. With many seasonal scheduling conflicts and numerous summer maintenance activities, it is essential that departments involve us in its project planning as early as possible. While Facilities Management will make every effort to schedule work in order to meet departmental scheduling needs, we may not always be able to meet departmental time-line expectations.

The complexity of the engineering selection process, rigorous State procurement procedures, environmental law and code compliance, substantial reporting requirements and the specialty nature of institutional design make project work appear confusing and unnecessarily bureaucratic at times. The WIU Facilities Management administrative team has over 350 years in facilities management experience and 57 years of higher education qualifications. As such, we ask that departments be patient and trust our expertise in the area of project design and management. In turn, we commit ourselves to provide departments with accurate project information and appropriate expediency.