Facilities Management

Q-Lot Entry Project

WIU Project Manager Ted N. Renner
Project Scope Reopen and widen an entrance to Q-lot that has been closed since the mid 1990s and close the entrance adjacent to Western Hall.  
External Vendors Hood Demolition and Excavation
Total Project Cost Approximately $155,000 
Completion Date Early December 2015 (weather permitting) 

Project Description

This project will reopen and widen an entrance to Q-lot directly across from the entrance to the Brophy Hall parking lot that has been closed since the mid 1990s. The Q-lot entrance adjacent to Western Hall will then be closed permanently. This project is being undertaken to help separate the vehicular and pedestrian traffic congestion that occurs at the Q-lot entrance closest to Western Hall. The work being done here will hopefully pave the way to develop the space east of Western Hall and the Spencer Student Rec Center into a pedestrian walkway at some point in the future.


Project work at the previously closed off entrance is underway. On October 21, 2015, the old entrance adjacent to Western Hall was closed permanently and the new entrance is now open. 


September 25, 2015 October 5, 2015 Q-lot old entrace closed as of 10/21/15 Q-lot exit lanes Q-lot entrance University Drive Q-Lot Entry Q-Lot Entry