Facilities Management

Stipes 324

WIU Project Manager Carina Kapraun
Project Scope Remodel existing classroom into a new, modern, high tech lab
External Vendors Roy Keith Electric and Moore's Flooring
Total Project Cost Approximately $66,380.00
Completion Date August 1, 2015


State Farm donated money to help fund the technology for this project. The following will be done to renovate Stipes 324:

  • modify existing computer teaching station with new laminate
  • patch and paint room
  • install new carpet tile throughout room
  • install new ceiling and lights
  • install new HVAC ductless split system
  • install new electrical for 30 computer stations
  • Install wireless access points
  • Install 3 flat screen televisions


As of July 29, 2015, the project is complete. 


Walls after new paint New LED light fixtures Front of the classroom Flooring installed Teaching station