Facilities Management

3D Art Studio Remodel

Project Location

Heating Plant Annex: Art Department
Macomb, IL
Location on Map

Project Scope

Complete renovation of the 3D art studio spaces including the metals, ceramics, and sculpture studios.

External Vendors

Design: Farnsworth Group Inc.
Contractors: Trotter General Contacting Inc., Warner Plumbing, PIPCO Co., Crawford Co., Vinson and Sill Inc.

Completion Date

Substantial completion, 8/16/2012

Project Budget

$1.7 million

WIU Project Manager

Jerry Scott

Project Description

The intent of the Heating Plant Annex remodel was to enhance safety the Art Department 3D studio facilities. The facility houses the University’s academic 3D art studio spaces where art students create ceramics, sculpture and metal jewelry. The building floor plan was reconfigured from its original locker-room layout to better serve the art department as studio space, and faculty office spaces. In each studio, exhaust systems were placed in key work areas to protect art students from hazards such as airborne particulates, heat, and fumes generated during the creative process. Other upgrades the facility received include air conditioning, and window replacements.


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