Facilities Management

Energy Efficient Lighting

Project Location

Simpkins Hall and Brophy Hall Gym
Macomb, IL
Location on Map

Project Scope

Replacement of existing lights and fixtures with more energy efficient lights and fixtures.

External Vendors

Design: In House
Contractors: In House

Completion Date

Simpkins Hall: Spring 2013
Brophy Hall Gym: January 11, 2013

Project Budget

Simpkins Hall: $135,000
Brophy Hall Gym: $49,194

WIU Project Manager

Nathan Brunnelson

Project Description

Simpkins Hall: This project is an energy savings project that is being partially funded by a DCEO grant. The scope of work is to replace inefficient T12 lamps with more efficient T8.

Brophy Hall Gym: This project is being done to replace the existing dual lamp 400 watt metal halide lamps with more energy efficient T5HO fluorescent fixtures. This project is will reduce Brophy Hall's electrical usage by 38kW. This is a reeducation of the gym's electrical energy by almost half. T5 lamps also produce a higher quality of light, i.e., better color rendering and more consistent color temperature.
Project is slated to be done over winter break with in-house labor. The project is being partially funded by a DCEO grant that is paying $28,000 of the $50,000 project. Payback of the project is less than 2 years.


Brophy Hall Gym Lighting Brophy Hall Gym Lighting Brophy Hall Gym Lighting