Facilities Management

University Union Remodel

Project Location

University Union
Macomb, IL
Location on Map

Project Scope

Renovation of select spaces and exterior upgrades.

Completion Date

July 2014 (estimated)

Total Project Cost

Phase I, $10,000,000
Phase II and III, unidentified.

WIU Project Manager

Carina Kapraun

Project Description

This multi-phase project began with a building assessment and programming study completed by FGM Architects. The study included an assessment of the existing conditions along with an outline of the direction of the University’s Union’s future and a multi-phase redevelopment. Based on the recommendations of the building assessment and programming study, the executive committee has identified three priority items that should be addressed in the initial renovation project. First priority was given to the most heavily used areas of the Union including the Murray Street Café, LaMoine Room, and North Terrace. Next will be the consolidation of student activities offices in the space currently occupied by the bowling alley. Finally, the Murray street entrance and stairwell will be reconfigured, and the concourse area renovated.


The University Union Renovation is finally complete. Students will notice some major changes to one of the campus’ popular hang-outs. The 7 million dollar project completely gutted and renovated the Food Court, the Murray Street Café, the LaMoine Room, and the basement mechanical room. The project also added an ADA accessible ramp on the north side that leads up to the new terrace. New furniture has been purchased and installed throughout all of the spaces.

Fast Facts

Sustainable Sites
  • Union is centrally located with public transportation access
  • Concrete paving at terrace provides reflective surface to reduce heat island effect
 Energy Efficiency
  • New energy efficient heating and cooling systems were installed
  • No CFCs were used in the new cooling system
  • New insulated aluminum and glass curtainwall system was installed at exterior North wall
  • The new terrace has a radiant snow melt system installed. This will eliminate the need for salt to be used on the ramp and terrace during the winter months.
 Materials and Resources
  • Reusing the existing building is one of the most sustainable things that can be done
  • Project maintained existing walls, floors, and roof structure
  • Recycled glass was used in new terrazzo flooring
 Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Building is non-smoking for enhanced indoor air quality
  • Daylight and views to the exterior were expanded for interior spaces being renovated
  • There were five water-cooled and two air-cooled multistack chillers installed in the new Basement Mechanical Room
 Innovation & Design Process
  • Low mercury lighting is used in all spaces
  • Project was designed and managed by LEED Accredited Professionals



Existing Exterior Ramp New Exterior Ramp Existing Terrace University Union landscaping New Terrace New Terrace Existing Mechanical Room New Electrical Room New Chillers Existing Lamoine Room New Lamoine Room Existing Murray Street Cafe New Murray Street Cafe New Murray Street Cafe Existing Food Court New Food Court New Food Court Existing Corridor New Cooridor