Facilities Management

Wetzel Hall Demolition

Project Location

Former site of Wetzel Hall
Macomb, IL
Location on Map

Project Scope

The demolition of Wetzel Hall, regrading of the site, and construction of a bus stop.

External Vendors

Design: Durrant
Contractors: Brandenburg Industrial Services

Completion Date

Early November 2012

Project Budget

$2.4 million

WIU Project Manager

Ted Renner

Project Description

The project included the implosion of Wetzel Hall due to the extensive differed maintenance it would have taken to upgrade the building. Once the building was demolished, the site was regraded. The contractor is in the process of planting trees and grass seed at the moment. They have also constructed a bus stop using some of the salvaged slate and limestone from the building.

Videos of Demolition

Countdown to the Wetzel Hall Implosion The Wetzel Hall Implosion


B&W time lapse Dining Area being disassembled Wetzel - Stripped but standing