Faculty Senate

Illinois Board of Higher Education Faculty Advisory Council

Website: http://facibhe.org/index.php

Meeting Minutes:  http://facibhe.org/meetings/minutes.php

FAC Documents:  http://www.facibhe.org/documents.php

Meetings: Once per month except for July and August

Time: Normally on Fridays

Place: Meetings rotate around the state at higher educational institutions

Contact: Amy Carr, Race, Religion, Gender, and Multidisciplinary Studies (AR-Carr@wiu.edu)

Duties: The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) serves as a liaison between individual constituent institutions and the  Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), and raises and addresses issues of concern to the higher education  community. In the past, these have included productivity, teacher preparation, accountability, accessibility, legislation, performance based funding, and budget.

FAC members may discuss items listed in the current IBHE agenda and instruct their chairperson to react to those items in a formal statement to the Board. Usually Faculty Advisory Council members meet with the Board of Higher Education staff and discuss issues or studies the Board will be considering during a given fiscal year. Some of these topics are selected for informational presentation during FAC meetings. Position papers or recommended policy or procedural changes are often developed as a result. Additional topics may be initiated at the Board's request or may be selected by the Council.

A member of the IBHE staff attends Faculty Advisory Council meetings. Other members of the staff and outside guest presenters are invited to discuss issues related to statewide higher education concerns.

IBHE FAC Resolutions and White Papers:

Prior Learning Assessment (2023)

Early College Considerations (2023)

Equity Tools and Resources (2023)

Dual Credit (2020)

Resolution in Support of Timely Funding of Higher Education in Illinois

Recommendation in Support of Liberal Arts and Sciences Programs 2-15-19

Recommendations on Program Prioritization and Consolidation