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The WIU Foundation Board

The generosity of our many constituents is the keystone of support for the University, its people, and its programs. On behalf of the WIU Foundation Board of Directors, thanks to all individuals and businesses for the ongoing loyalty and outstanding support that continues to have a very significant impact on the future of Western Illinois University.

WIU Foundation Board Executive Committee

  • Randy Germeraad, President
  • David L. Miller, Vice President
  • Jason Duncan, Secretary
  • Holly Sutton, Treasurer
  • Clare Thompson, Executive Officer
  • Rhonda Haffner
  • Todd Lester
  • Steve McCann
  • Kevin Nichols
  • Janice Owens
  • Jackie Thompson
  • Brian Turner

Board Members

  • Larry Balsamo
  • Robert K. Baumann
  • Philip E. Bradshaw*
  • Patrick J. Burke
  • Lorraine Epperson
  • Nicholas H. Estes
  • Marlin France*
  • Charles Gilbert
  • John Hallwas
  • Karen Henderson*
  • Laura Janus
  • Arsenio Mims
  • Ron Peterson*
  • F. Eugene Strode*