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Stock Gifts

Gifts of stock to the WIU Foundation are a popular form of charitable giving with our alumni and friends. In most cases you can deduct the full fair market value of long-term securities for tax purposes. You also avoid paying tax on the capital gain of your securities when contributing them to the WIU Foundation. Your gift of stock is valued on the day we receive it.

Broker-Assisted Stock Giving

Stock can be electronically transferred to the WIU Foundation by your broker by following these directions: transfer the stock to:

Fifth Third – Uni Mac & Company for MidAmerica National Bank
Agent Bank #: 10016
Participant Number/DTC #: 2116
Account #: 010039755174

Please contact the WIU Foundation to inform us of the stock transfer so that we can make certain that we receive the gift of stock and properly credit you for your generous contribution to WIU Foundation.

Stock Certificates

If you are in possession of the stock certificates that you wish to transfer to the WIU Foundation, please mail them to the WIU Foundation, 1 University Circle, Sherman Hall 303, Macomb, IL 61455-1390. Please contact our office to inform us that you are mailing stock certificates to us. Do not endorse your stock certificates. Please mail a signed stock power form with your signature to the WIU Foundation.

Mutual Fund Shares

Please contact the WIU Foundation at 309-298-1861. We will then confirm with our bank that our platform has that fund set up before you initiate the transfer in order for the process to go as smoothly as possible.