Graduate Studies

FAQS for International Students Only Taking Online Courses

Q. What do I need to do if I would like to take online classes from my home country?

A. You will need to first communicate with your WIU advisor (see admission email from and then the advisor will notify the School of Graduate Studies that you are choosing to register for online classes. Both you and the advisor will receive an email once you are clear to register for classes.

Q.  When can I expect an I-20 for a future term so I can attend classes in Macomb?

A. Once all admission requirements are met and financial documents are submitted to us, we will send an admission packet to you including the I-20 and admission letter.

Q. I have been accepted to WIU pending the submission of my financial documents. Am I eligible to register for online-only courses from my home country?

A. Yes, all accepted students are eligible to register for online courses to take while in their home countries. An I-20 will not be issued until all admission requirements are met. In order to be eligible to come to campus for a future term the financial documents are required.

Q. Am I eligible to receive the International Commitment Scholarship as an online-only student?

A. Yes, international students only enrolled in online classes are eligible to receive the scholarship for fall and spring semesters. All eligibility requirements must be met including being enrolled full-time. Learn about the International Commitment Scholarship.

Q.  How do I register for online courses?

A. Students use the Student/Alumni Records System (STARS) for many important tasks such as registering for classes, viewing your grades and paying your University bill. To log-in to the system you will need your WIU ID number and your initial password is your eight-digit date of birth (mmddyyyy). This information can be found in the acceptance email and letter (if you have received one).

Q. How do I withdraw from a class? Are there deadlines to do this?

A. Once registered for a WIU course, it is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from the course should he/she later decide not to complete the course. If not properly withdrawn from a course, the student is responsible for payment of the tuition and fees.  If you are withdrawing from one course, you may do so via STARS. If you are withdrawing from all of your courses, you must submit the online form to do so. There are deadlines to withdraw from courses. Full details can be found on the Registrar's website.

Q. How do I pay for the course(s)?

A. International students may make payment to WIU via Flywire or credit card. Monthly bills are sent to student’s WIU email accounts and will include balance due and due date. Due dates are August 28 for fall, January 28 for spring, and June 28 for summer classes. Visit Billing and Receivables for full details on payment options.

Q. What is the cost of tuition for online courses?

A. First-time students registered for courses in the Summer Session 2020 will be assessed Tuition Assessment Plan U. First-time students registered for courses in Fall 2020 will be assessed tuition and fees under Plan V. Tuition and fees costs can be found on the Business Services website . It is anticipated that Plan V information will be posted to the website very soon.

Q. Who is my academic advisor?

A. Your academic advisor name and contact information was provided to you in the acceptance email you received from

Q. How do I know what books or other materials are needed for classes?

A. Required books are typically listed with the STARS class information, if the instructor has released it. Usually there is a link to resources to find the book as well, through the WIU Bookstore and once the student has access to Western Online it should be available there. Additionally, students may email instructors directly with any questions about the course materials.

Q. How do I access online courses?  Who do I contact if I need help accessing Western Online?

A. Online courses may be accessed through Western Online. Contact the UTech helpdesk with any technical or access issues.

Q. How do I set up a proctor for an exam?

A. Students taking online courses may set up a proctor when taking exams. An Exam Request Form must be submitted in order to do this. The form is available through the course website or from the instructor. Learn more the WIU Testing Center by visiting CITR.