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Civil Service Examination Information

Starting the Process

Application Evaluations

After you have completed your application, return the signed application along with your transcript(s), Military Discharge papers (DD214 Member 4), and copies of any licenses or certifications, if applicable. You will then need to set-up an appointment for an application evaluation. During the application evaluation process, a member of the Human Resources staff will go over your application with you to determine what exams you meet minimum qualifications for. Another date for testing will be set up for you during your application evaluation. Western Illinois University utilizes open and continuous testing for many civil service classifications. Because testing is open and continuous, WIU does not typically advertise or post civil service vacancies. We encourage applicants and employees who are interested in civil service positions to take advantage of the open and continuous testing process for classifications for which he/she qualifies.

  1. Tests are administered on Tuesdays. Session times begin at 8:30 AM and 1:00 PM, unless otherwise indicated.
  2. Pencils, pens, scratch paper, and calculators, will be furnished (unless otherwise indicated).
  3. The majority of testing is done in the lower level of Sherman Hall, Room 103. Occasionally, it is necessary to conduct a mass testing, which would be located outside of the Human Resources area. For openings at the Quad Cities campus, separate testing is done at the Quad Cities facility.

What are the exams like?

Some of the exams have a multiple-choice format in which you fill in your answers on a computer sheet and others are electronic exams available through the web. Some exams are entirely multiple-choice and some have a training and experience section. Exams may also be solely training and experience.

What is the time limit on an exam?

The examinations have different time limits. Exams are either: 1 1/2, 2, 3 or 4 hours in length.

Don’t forget to read the directions for each section of the examination. Following the directions is part of the examination.

How many tests can I take in one day?

The number of examinations that you can take in the course of one day depends on the time limits of each exam and you! Everyone works at a different pace, and we do not want you to rush through the exams. Please feel free to ask questions of the monitor when taking the exams.

How are the exams scored?

All exams are scored here at Western Illinois University. Each exam is scored individually. We do read every answer that you write to make sure that you have answered the question(s) correctly. A rating guide for each examination is supplied to us by the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS). Electronic exams are scored on–line.

How will I receive my test results?

Your test results will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address indicated on your application. Please add and to your contact list. Correspondence from the employment and examination areas will be through e-mail. Please be sure to notify us of any contact information changes so that we can keep your applicant records up-to-date. You may check your standing on the register at any time by contacting us at (309) 298-1971, or stopping by the Human Resources Examination Department. Rankings can change on a daily basis as we add other scores to the register.

What is on the exam?

The examinations are specific to each classification. Questions on the exam could include: spelling, punctuation, grammar, mathematics (addition, multiplication, fractions, percentages). Further, you may be asked to provide written examples of what specific tasks you have done in past courses or positions.

Can I look at my exam?

No one is allowed to look at their examination once it is turned in after completion. We can, however, tell you how you did in each section of the examination. We can also let you know how many correct answers you had in each section. We will do the best to help you achieve the highest score that you can possibly get on any examination. For any exam that does not require exam notification, you can retake the exam within 30 days of the initial exam date, and three times within the course of a year. Your highest score is always kept on the register. Keep your application current! Please put all employment history on your application. If you move, please let as know.

Example of Test Questions for Civil Service Examination

1. The Largest city in Illinois is:
  A. Champaign
  B. Peoria
  C. Chicago
  D. Springfield

Answer Sheet

1. A B C D

"C" Should be marked on the system answer sheet, since Chicago is the correct answer.

2. 10

(A) 17   (B) 16   (C) 12   (D) 21

2. A B C D

"A" Should be marked on the system answer sheet, since 17 is the correct answer.

Human Resources Examination Area is located at:
Sherman Hall, Room 103
Sherman Hall is located off of Adams Street in Macomb, IL