Finding Resources within WIU Libraries

Call Number Ranges

Call Number Location
A - Z (LCC), IL Docs (Dewey), Fed. Docs (SuDoc) Malpass Library
M, ML, MT (LCC) Music Library
(Sallee Hall 108)
0 - 999 (Dewey) Curriculum Library
(Horrabin Hall 80)
0 - 999 (Dewey)
A - Z (LCC)
WIU-Quad Cities Library
(Moline Campus)

The Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system is used to organize Malpass Library's main book collection, part of the Legal Collection, and the cataloged maps (including Map Reference). The Illinois Collection is organized in a form of Dewey Decimal, and the Federal Collection is organized using the Superintendent of Documents classification system -- SuDoc, for short. Compare the call number you are looking for against the end labels on the shelves.

The Music Library also uses the LCC system for its holdings (M, ML, & MT classes). Most items in the Curriculum Library are organized under the Dewey system, except for selected titles (LCC) in its reference collection (LCC). The WIU-Quad Cities Library is organized under the LCC system, except for selected titles (Dewey) in its curriculum collection.

Music Library

Curriculum Library


Map of Horrabin Hall (Curriculum Library in Room 80)
Stacks Map

Curriculum Library Stacks Map

WIU-Quad Cities Library


Map of WIU-Quad Cities West Building (Library in Room 1234)
Stacks Map

WIU-Quad Cities Library Stacks Map