Learning Spaces

Malpass Library provides an outstanding environment and exceptional resources for learning, research, and discovery. Wi-Fi is available in Malpass Library and all the branch libraries. Learning spaces include:

Digital Commons

Malpass Library's Digital Commons (Malpass, 1st Level) provides numerous hi-tech services and resources including:

  • Conference Room 180 -- seats 30 people with the capability to present video, DVD, or computer applications, and a visual presenter (Elmo).
  • Digital Studio Room 176 -- two Mac Stations
    This is a media lab designed to facilitate the creation of digital projects. The studio has two Mac Stations and two VHS-to-DVD transfer machines. Tablets and microphones are also available for check out. Intended for "project use" only, the room may be reserved online.
  • Computer lab area with scanners and printing capability.
  • Viewing rooms available for individuals to view videos or DVDs.
  • Opaque drawing room used to enlarge a picture or drawing and project image onto canvas bulletin board so individuals can trace image onto their poster board.

Library Computer Classrooms

Malpass Library welcomes the use of its classrooms by WIU students, faculty, and staff for legitimate university‐related purposes including library instruction sessions, department‐faculty‐led course instruction, and course finals. Two Library Computer Classrooms (LCC2 on Malpass Library's 2nd Level, and LCC3 on Malpass Library's 3rd Level) are available for use during regular library hours. A weekly schedule for each classroom posted near its entrance shows when it is open for general use. LCC classrooms are open for individual users whenever they are not reserved for teaching or maintenance. A variety of software programs are provided in the Malpass Library Classrooms. Reservations and arrangements for scheduling library instruction, or library classrooms can be made by completing an online form

CRC Labs

Computer Resource Centers (CRCs) are un-staffed uTech labs distributed across campus to provide easy access for students, faculty, and staff. CRC labs are located on the 3rd and 4th levels of Malpass Library.

Study Rooms

These rooms are intended for small groups working on collaborative projects or other similar purposes. They are not locked and may not be reserved. They may be used on a first come, first served basis. Group study rooms are Room 678 on 6th, Room 438 on 4th and four rooms on the 3rd Level. Individual study rooms are available on the 4th and 5th Levels. In addition, there are several cubicles on the 3rd level.

*For connection assistance, please call 298-2758 or visit Library Computer Services on the 1st level of Malpass Library.