Mass Spectrometry Center

Mass Spectrometry Center

On July 30, 2018, Western Illinois University was awarded a nearly $300,000 grant to buy a liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer to benefit academic research and educational programs in major areas, including forensic chemistry, chemistry, biology and agriculture. The grant application was made in collaboration with faculty from Monmouth College, Quincy University, Bradley University and Illinois College, and students from those schools also have access to the mass spectrometer for their academic work and research. 

The instrument is housed in Currens Hall, room 311, under the direction of WIU Associate Professor of Forensic Chemistry Liguo Song. In addition, the Western Illinois Mass Spectrometer Center has been created to coordinate training sessions, research activities, hands-on laboratory experiments, summer workshops, outreach activities and dissemination of research results. 


Currens Hall 311
1 University Circle
Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL 61344

Phone: (309) 298-1656