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Engineering students Austin Henderson, Cece Hernandez-Sandoval, Torrence Johnson, and Madison Marxen worked with Associate Professor Il-Seop Shin to present their project "An Engineer's Perspective - How to Make a Simple Speaker." They are pictured here Joe Rives, senior vice president for strategic planning and initiatives and Rick Hardy, dean of the Centennial Honors College.
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Engineering Students Jacob Anderson and Tyler Schoeve with Associate Professor Il-Seop Shin discussing their project "Automatic/Manual Fan Controller."
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Deisy Puente-Tapia with Assistant Professor Tammy Werner, discussing her project "Domestic Violence in Latino Communities."
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Engineering student Peter Stock explaining how the program for their autonomous robot works to fellow students Hunter Doyle, Trent Moorehead and Adrian Riojas.
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WIU-QC Student Research Conference Held April 26

April 30, 2019

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MOLINE, IL – The Honors College at the Western Illinois University Quad Cities campus held its fifth annual Student Research Conference Friday, April 26. This event features faculty-mentored scholarly work by WIU QC undergraduate and graduate students.

Some of the highlights of the conference were:

• 47 projects presented
• 27 poster presentations
• 20 podium presentations
• 73 students in total presented

These projects originated from the wide variety of academic programs available at the WIU-QC campus, including engineering, English and special education.

Special Features:

• Professor Daniel Malachuk from English received the award as WIU Honors College mentor of the year award.
• Adam Norris was announced as the Honors Convocation speaker for the QC Honors Convocation ceremony.
• Michael Berggren (2017, Engineering) was the keynote speaker of the event.

James Rabchuk, coordinator of the Centennial Honors College office on the Quad Cities campus, said the conference highlights the faculty-student mentoring relationships at the WIU-QC campus that help students to "pursue and achieve academic excellence."

"This event highlights the best feature of WIU QC, which is the faculty-student mentoring relationships that enable our students to pursue and achieve academic excellence," said Rabchuk. "It's the kind of relationship English department Professor Dan Malachuk has with senior Adam Norris, which resulted in Adam finishing his Honors Thesis and becoming the QC Honors Convocation speaker and in Professor Malachuk being named WIU's Honors Mentor of the year. Michael Berggren's keynote speech also highlighted the power of his relationship with his mentors, engineering Associate Professor Il-Seop Shin and Director of the Engineering program Bill Pratt, which helped turn his life around and established him as a respected professional engineer at Elliot Aviation. We hold the Student Research Conference at WIU QC to celebrate and encourage this culture of mentoring that leads to academic and professional success for our students."

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