Peace Corps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Questions & Answers

When should I begin my application and when is the best time to submit my application?

  • Begin your application as early as possible. For priority consideration for the Fall semester, submit it by January 31. For a Spring semester start, submit by August 1st.
  • The application process can take 3 to 6 months to complete, depending on the timing of receiving your materials and your department of interest.
  • The application/selection process is competitive, 6 to 8 Fellows are accepted into the program each year.
  • Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. 
  • Interviews are scheduled in late February and March for Fall start dates and September and October for Spring start dates.

What are you looking for in an applicant?

  • Commitment, experience, and an understanding of and interest in community and economic development. Any experience or information you can share with us relating to this topic will strengthen your application.

Can I complete the Fellows program online?

  • No. Although a number of the WIU graduate programs we partner with offer all/most courses online, in order to participate in (and receive benefits from) our Fellows Program, students must move to Macomb for the first year of coursework (and graduate assistantship) and then relocate to a rural community in Illinois for the second year of the program (and full-time, community-based internship). 

What are the benefits of the Fellows program?

  • The Fellows program offers a generous financial package with a full tuition waiver, graduate assistantship placement, paid 11-month community internship, $500 moving allowance, and an AmeriCorps Education Award.
  • Along with the financial benefits, Fellows receive hands-on internship experience with an emphasis on Community Development. Our program also offers strong personal and professional support, access to a network of community development professionals, RPCVs, and AC Alumni, and rewarding employment opportunities after graduation.
  • To learn more about the benefits, visit our benefits page

Are GRE or GMAT scores mandatory?

  • The GRE is not mandatory for any of our partnering departments.
  • The GMAT is only mandatory for the MBA program application. The Political Science department will accept a GMAT to strengthen your application if necessary.

What degrees are offered through your program?

  • Our Fellows program partners with 10 academic departments to select a master's degree from.
  • The programs include: Business Administration (MBA), Community and Economic Development, Economics, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies, GIS and GeoEnvironment, Health Sciences (public health), Liberal Arts and Sciences, Political Science (public policy, international relations), Recreation Park and Tourism Administration, and Sociology. 

If I have not finished my Peace Corps or AmeriCorps service how can I send you a copy of my Description of Service (DOS)?

  • Once you are asked to write your draft DOS please send a copy to us for your file.
  • When you have the final DOS please send us a COPY, not the original.
  • For AC Alum, please reach out to for a template on how to describe your national service.

My references have not sent a letter to the Graduate Office, what should I do?

  • Call or send your reference a polite reminder with a deadline and follow up with them on or near the deadline you set.

If I receive a Masters Degree in EIS with an emphasis in Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), will I graduate with a teaching certificate?

  • No, you will not earn a teaching certificate when taking classes in the Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies department.
  • You will receive a TESOL certification.

I will be in the States as part of my Peace Corps vacation; may I stop by the office for an informal visit?

  • Yes, please stop by but give us notice so that we know you will be visiting and can be sure someone will be here to see you.

Where will I serve my Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows internship?

  • All internships take place in rural Illinois.
  • Locations vary from year to year and are based on a combination of factors, including a match between your skills/interests and the development goals/needs of the communities that have applied for a Peace Corps/AmeriCorps Fellow.

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