Peace Corps

How to Apply To Host a Peace Corps/AmeriCorps Fellow


Please complete this application if you wish to host a Fellow in Community Development for 11 months, 37.5 hours per week.

Individual communities, clusters of two or three communities, units of government, governmental departments or agencies, educational institutions, non-profit agencies and economic development organizations (such as Chambers of Commerce, Main Street Programs, planning organizations and regional economic development entities) may apply.

Graduate students in our program are completing Master’s Degree Programs from the Departments of Business Administration [MBA], Community and Economic Development, Economics, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies, GIS & Geoenvironment, Public Health, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Political Science, Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration, and Sociology.

Selection Process

This is a competitive process. Community or agency applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Cooperation and willingness of local organizations to support and work with the Fellow,
  • Clearly defined projects for the Fellow,
  • Readiness of the community, as demonstrated by recent accomplishments and a strategic plan - or other guiding documents - based on local input, fit between the community’s goals and skill set, interest of the Fellow,
  • A plan for continuing development projects after the Fellow’s assignment ends, and

Financial Commitment

A financial commitment of $25,000*. Of this amount, the student earns:

    • a $1,800/month stipend paid through the University
    • a $500 moving allowance at the start of the internship, for a total of $20,300 for the eleven-month internship.

The remainder is used for training, travel, and supervision of the student. The student retains full-time graduate student status at Western Illinois University and is therefore eligible for student health insurance through fees that she/he pays out of the stipend. The student also receives a full tuition waiver for the academic year.

*USDA grant and other program funds may be available to offset partial sponsorship costs for eligible communities and projects. Please ask for details.

Application Deadlines and Contact Information

Internships begin September 1 and January 1. For priority consideration for Fellows beginning their 11-month internships in:

  • September, applicants are encouraged to contact the program by January 31;
  • January, applicants should contact the program by August 1.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and will be reviewed until suitable placements for eligible students are found. Please contact the Peace Corps/AmeriCorps Fellows Program Director as early as possible to discuss your plans to apply.

The application is available via Google Forms

Sample of Obligations Expected of the  Peace Corps/AmeriCorps Fellows Program and the Community Agency

The Community Organization will: 
  1. Form a Liaison/Steering Committee consisting of  3-5 persons responsible for providing local support and leadership to the Fellow;
  2. Provide an opportunity for direct and meaningful service for the Fellow;
  3. Provide a supervisor who will serve as Chair of the Liaison Committee and be responsible for directing the work activities of the Fellow;
  4. Work with the Fellow to draft a Service Plan, which will include: achievable goals, objectives and tasks, and names of the organizations and individuals responsible for assisting with the outlined work, along with targeted dates of completion. The Service Plan must be submitted to the PCF Program Director;
  5. Discuss with the Fellow issues related to the work assignment at least bi-monthly through Liaison Committee meetings;
  6. Assist in the evaluation of the Fellow through mid-term and final written reports and interviews by program evaluators for the purpose of determining the effectiveness of the Program, the Fellow and the agreed upon Service Plan; and
  7. Furnish the necessary personnel, materials, services, facilities and equipment (e.g. computer, internet access, postage and phone costs), local travel expenses, and office space.
Peace Corps/AmeriCorps Fellows Program will:
  1. Provide a Fellow who will work with the Liaison Committee, Site Supervisor, and Program Director to complete the goals listed in the Work Plan in a professional and timely manner for the specified period per the signed Host Site Agreement;
  2. Provide supervisory assistance to ensure that the Fellow is adequately supported and has sufficient skills and resources needed to complete the Service Plan;
  3. Provide pre-service and ongoing professional  training and development opportunities;
  4. Serve as a resource for technical assistance and support for the Site Supervisor;
  5. Lead the evaluation process of the Fellow’s effectiveness in implementing the Service Plan and completing outlined tasks;
  6. Provide a monthly living allowance for the student; and
  7. Provide health insurance for the student through student fees paid by the student. Western Illinois University will pay tuition costs for the Fellow, who will be enrolled as a student at WIU during the Fellow’s internship assignment.

Complete Application


Please contact KMC.

Phone: (309) 298-2706
(c) 309.221.6646