Office of Public Safety

Guidelines: Civil Disturbance or Demonstrations

  1. Most campus demonstrations are peaceful. Carry on business as normally as possible. Avoid provoking or obstructing the demonstrators.
  2. Should a disturbance occur, call 911. Use a private office when calling. Any threatening disturbance should be called in to 911. The following actions should be taken:
    • Alert all individuals in area of disturbance.
    • Lock doors, secure files, documents and equipment.
    • If necessary, cease operations and evacuate.
    • Contact 911 for more instructions.
    • If a class is disrupted, call 911.


Office of Public Safety
Mowbray Hall
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455


Phone: 309/298-1949
Parking Services: 309/298-1921
Access Control: 309/298-1940
Fax: 309/298-2884

Disaster Guidelines