Quad Cities Campus

Submit a Student Job

Complete the Submit a Student Job Google form to submit your departments posting request to QC Student Employment.  Job openings are divided into two categories:

If you select Work-Study Only, you should discuss with the student before hiring that Federal Work-Study funds may be limited and what effect, if any, this may have on their employment. 


Handshake Job Posting FAQ's

 How will I Receive my applications once posted?

  • Handshake will send the application materials directly to your email.

  How can I view my Job Posting?

  • Everyone at WIU has a Handshake account already available. Follow the link on our page under the “Job Search” tab and log in with your WIU login. Make sure you filter the job search on Handshake by “On-Campus Student Employment” for the best results finding your position.

  What does the “Apply through external system” option do?

  • If your department already has a hiring system in place electronically, you can use this option to link students from Handshake to that page to apply. All you have to do is attach the weblink.

 If we take both FWS and Non-FWS students’ which option should we select when asked?

  • You should select “No” when asked if it is a work-study position. Students with both FWS and none will be able to apply for the position you posted, but this will make sure your posting doesn’t get filtered out for the non-FWS students.

 What documents do you recommend for the “required documents” section?

  • A student’s resume is going to have what you may need most of the time with their job history and contact info. Often departments also need class schedules and work availability. If the student requires help building a resume, they can always set up an appointment with the Career Development Center.

 What if I only want to receive specific student applications?

  • Handshake allows our postings to have multiple filtering options such as GPA, School Year, Major, etc. If you wish only to receive applications that meet your criteria, make sure you select the “Only send applicants who match my preferences” option. This works for departments wishing for only FWS students as well.