Financial Aid

FAQ - Loans (Parent PLUS)

  • What is a PLUS loan?
    • Parents of dependent students may apply for a  Federal Direct PLUS Loan to help pay their child's education expenses, as long as certain eligibility requirements are met. PLUS loans will be issued in the parent's name, and the parent will be responsible for repayment.

      When considering all options to pay for school, you may also want to compare Federal Student Loans, Federal Parent PLUS Loans and Private Student Loans using the chart on

  • Is it possible to obtain a delayed repayment date for parent PLUS loans?
    • Yes, you may delay repayment until six months after the student is no longer enrolled at least half-time. However, you must contact the lender to make this request. Please remember that interest may be paid as you go along or have it capitalized upon the loan entering repayment.
  • How can a dependent student borrow an Additional Unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loan?
    • If the Financial Aid Office receives a PLUS denial notification, a dependent student is eligible to borrow an additional unsubsidized loan. Contact our office through phone, email, or walk-in to request the loan- Financial Aid will not process the additional loan automatically.