Scholarship Office

Scholarship Applications Requiring Separate Application

The following scholarships have their own application process. These scholarships are separate from the Scholarship Application for Entering Freshman. To apply for one or more of these scholarships, use the contact information to request an application.

Scholarship GPA, ACT, etc Major/other requirements $ Awarded each year Deadline to apply Apply to:/Contact Comments
Kenneth T. & Betty L. Wright Scholarship 22 ACT and 3.0 GPA Hancock, Henderson, or McDonough County graduate; membership and participation in a 4-H club or FFA $800 February 15 WIU Scholarship Office Renewable up to 3 years - Must remain in good standing
Andrea Passmore Memorial Scholarship   Graduate of Macomb Senior High School, IL; enrolled full time; volunteer activity and community service $1,300 March 1 WIU Scholarship Office Financial need considered
C. Robin Frieden Memorial Scholarship   Rockridge HS, IL graduate; preference to applicants who demonstrate leadership in school, church, or community $1,000 April 1 Rockridge High School, IL Guidance Counselor Examples of involvement include politics, charitable organizations, youth mentoring, mission trips, or any activity demonstrating a desire to serve others and make a positive contribution to one's community
Don Johnson Memorial Scholarship Have academic success Student of Astoria High School; Involvement in community activities; Leadership potential $900 April 1 Astoria High School - Guidance Counselor Financial need is a consideration
Chad Stovall Memorial Scholarship   Student with diagnosed disability; Financial need is a consideration $450 April 15 WIU Disability Resource Center Preference given to students diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or Attention Deficit Disorder. Contact the DRC for additional eligibility information.
Ethan Dobereiner Memorial Scholarship 3.0 GPA Quad Cities or Peoria area resident; Full time; Teacher Education major; Undergraduate $1,000 April 1 WIU Scholarship Office or Department of Curriculum & Instruction Preference given to early childhood and secondary social science majors; Financial need is a consideration
A. Gilbert Belles Scholarship 3.0 GPA Graduate of McDonough County high school; Demonstrate community involvement in athletics or community service $1,500 April 1 WIU Scholarship Office  
Corydon M. Hubbert Scholarship 20 ACT Scott County, IL; Enrolled as full-time student $1,500 April 1 WIU Scholarship Office Renewable up to graduation - Must maintain a 3.0 GPA
Jim Miner Scholarship 3.0 GPA McDonough County graduate; Documented involvement in athletics or student activities $1,000 April 1 WIU Scholarship Office  
First State Bank of Illinois   Hamilton, Macomb, Illini West or West Prairie graduate; Exemplary academic record; Evidence of participation in school and/or community activities $400 April 1 Hamilton, Macomb, Illini West or West Prairie  High School Guidance Offices  
Donald D. & Donna Hainline Scholarship 2.5 GPA fresh/soph; 2.8 junior/senior Elementary Education & Reading, Special Education, or Agriculture major; moral American citizen no criminal record; full time; undergraduate; McDonough or surrounding county graduate $100 April 1 WIU Scholarship Office Preference given to descendants of the Hainlines. Financial need is a consideration
Rebekah District Association #12 of Illinois 100F Scholarship ACT 23 & GPA 3.0 Lodge affiliation; Verification of lodge affiliation membership $275 April 15 Rebekah District #12 office or Scholarship Office  
Leroy Daniels Scholarship   Any class level, resident of Illinois; Good academic standing; Full-time; Ethnic minority Varies April 1 WIU Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center or Scholarship Office Preference for Macomb Senior High School graduates
Civil Service Dependents Scholarship   Full-time undergraduate student who is a dependent of a Civil Service employee at WIU $1000 May 1 of student's first year at WIU WIU Human Resources or online application  
Mitchell A. John Sportsmanship Award Minimum 2.0 GPA Macomb Senior School graduate; Actively participated in athletics with good sportsmanship $275 May 1 Macomb Senior High School - Guidance Counselor  
Clela Trotter Wilson Scholarship 20 ACT and top 20% of graduating class Macomb High School graduate $500 May 1 Macomb High School - Guidance Counselor Financial need is a consideration
Clarence L. Clary Scholarship 3.0 GPA Kewanee High School or Henry Country graduate $500 May 1 WIU Scholarship Office or high schools in Henry County Preference given to Visitation High School graduate
Dana Lynn Park Scholarship 25 ACT & 3.25 GPA Female; Elementary Education major $850 May 1 WIU Scholarship Office Renewable up to 3 years with a 3.2 GPA & continue to major in ELED
Computer Science Scholarships         WIU School of Computer Science