Scholarship Application Tips

Scholarship applications are reviewed by a scholarship committee. It is important that applications be properly completed and submitted by the application deadline dates.

  • Start early and don’t stop. There are many private scholarships available to students K-11 and not just for high school seniors. In addition, scholarship opportunities at the private and college level may change as you progress through college, so keep researching and applying even after your freshman year.
  • Make sure your application is legible and has all of the required documents attached. An incomplete or illegible application will not be taken seriously.
  • When writing an essay or recommendation letter, specifically address what is requested on the application and include any additional information you want the committee to know that isn’t asked. Make your essay stand out above the rest. Visit 7 Steps to Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay.
  • Make copies of recommendation letters. It is okay to reuse a recommendation letter as long as the information is applicable to the scholarship application and the photocopy looks professional.
  • Maintain a copy of your essay, which can be revised and tailored for each scholarship application.
  • Make a photocopy of your application before it is mailed. Create a filing system or folder to organize copies.
  • Avoid scholarship scams
  • Broaden your scholarship search:
    • Contact local and national organizations and foundations that may have opportunities that match your qualifications. Ex. American Legion, Sheriffs’ Association, etc.
    • Check with your high school/community college counselor for area scholarship information.
    • Inquire about employers, clubs, or groups to which your parents or relatives may belong.
    • Research scholarship books in your local library.
    • Utilize online scholarship databases:,, and

Foundation and department scholarships that require an application are available on the Scholarship Portal.

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