Financial Aid

Financial Aid Budgets

The total amount of financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans, etc.) that a student may receive is limited to that student’s estimated cost of attending WIU. This cost of attendance is determined using a budget established by the Financial Aid Office.

Your financial aid budget includes expected University expenses, but also includes additional expenses a student is likely to incur while attending school, such as books, laundry, transportation, etc.

All permanent domestic US residents receive in-state tuition
Tuition   $9,801
Fees   $3,047
Housing & food plan   $11,400
Housing Fees   $240
TOTAL*   $24,488

* Estimates are based on a full-time, new student who enrolls in 15 credit hours each semester (fall and spring terms) and chooses a double room with a basic dinning plan.

One-time fees (transcript and orientation) will be assessed to new students in the amount of $115.

Single rooms, super single rooms and suites, as well as dinning plan add-ons, are available at a higher rate.

All costs are subject to change by action of the WIU Board of Trustees.