Scheduling & Event Services

Western Hall and Hanson Field Scheduling Policy

General Statement of Policy

Western Illinois University (WIU) is committed to providing spaces for campus events and services. The University Union will oversee the scheduling of campus events excluding; NCAA athletic events, residential conferences and camps, academic classes, and campus recreation events. The University retains the right to refuse access to spaces. The needs of the campus community and students are a priority. Other restrictions and procedures may apply to utilizing specific spaces on the WIU campus.

Western Hall and Hanson Field serve as NCAA athletic game/practice space and large scale program/special event space for Western Illinois University.

Western Hall and Hanson Field Scheduling Policies

1. Priority List for Facility Usage

Although physical facilities are for general University use, the academic and extracurricular programs which require use of these facilities for their basic operation --Kinesiology Department & Athletics --normally shall take precedence over other uses of these facilities.

In general, the development of the annual facility schedule by the Athletic Department--in consultation with the Western Hall/Hanson Field Advisory Committee--shall be done according to the following priorities:

  • Intercollegiate athletic competitions
  • Intercollegiate athletic practices
  • University-sponsored events
2. No events outside of athletics and those listed below will be scheduled in Western Hall for the months of November, December, January and February. The exclusions for “black out” dates are:
  • IMEA (Illinois Music Educators Association)
  • Commencement
  • Ag Mech
3. The departments listed below coordinate use of Western Hall and Hanson Field for the following programs and/or services.
  • The Athletic Department will coordinate all university NCAA athletic events.
  • The University Union will be responsible for coordinating special use of the facility by student organizations, campus entities, and external organizations.
  • University Housing and Dining Services will coordinate use of the facility when on campus overnight housing is also requested, i.e. camps.
4. Events must be co-sponsored by an on-campus WIU entity. If the event does not have a co-sponsorship, the Western Hall Advisory Committee will determine approval of the event.
5. No sale of food, beverage, apparel, or other items by any group or individuals is permitted in these facilities unless prior approval has been granted by the Athletic Department. There will be no access to the Hanson Field concession stands for events.

Western Hall and Hanson Field Facility Rental Charges

The rental rate for these facilities are available from the Union Administration Office. Rental charges begin at the following rates:

Western Hall: $1,000/day
Hanson Field: $500/day

In addition to a rental fee, users will also be responsible for all direct expenses resulting from the event. Direct expenses are not limited to, but may include, set-up, janitorial services, security personnel, utilities, or other specialized services. The complete cost estimate of facilities and expenses pertaining to use are outlined in the site agreement.

All set-up information and service requests are due to the University Union Assistant Director two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event. Any changes in set-up and/or services not specified by this date are subject to additional charges - if the changes are able to be made.

Meeting functions cancelled with less than a two (2) week notice will be charged the facility rental fee.

A signed facility use agreement - along with a Certificate of Insurance naming Western Illinois University and WIU Board of Trustees as additional insured for a minimum $1,000,000 -- shall be required in advance for all events sponsored by non-University organizations and approved by the Assistant Director of the Union in conjunction with the Athletic Director.

Administration of Policies

1. Western Hall/Hanson Field Advisory Committee

Questions and concerns regarding current or upcoming events in Western Hall or on Hanson Field will be reviewed by the Western Hall/Hanson Field Advisory Committee. The committee shall consist of representatives from the following areas:

  • Athletic Department
  • Building Services
  • University Union Scheduling and Event Services
  • Programming Body as needed
The duties of the committee are:
  • Annual review of all Western Hall/Hanson Field events
  • Scheduling and policy recommendations for the Vice President for Student Services
  • Determine scheduling of events by groups other than the Athletic Department, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, University Union Board and University Union
  • Periodic review of upcoming events scheduled in Western Hall and Hanson Field

Reservation Information

To reserve Western Hall or Hanson Field, please fill out a Scheduling Form at the link below (and select "Athletics/Brophy Hall"). Scheduling & Event Services staff in coordination with the WIU Athletic Department will determine the availability of the requested facility.

Scheduling Form

For Non-WIU Organizations, a Facility Use Agreement will be sent to the event organizer which will outline facility rental charges, direct expenses for the event and university policies related to the facility.

For WIU campus departments and registered student organizations, this completed Campus Scheduling Form will be used for scheduling purposes in lieu of a facility rental agreement. Fees associated with the facility will be communicated to the event organizer.